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Our restaurant "Le Saint-Nicolas" welcomes you every evening from 19.30pm 

At the dinner time, the Restaurant Le Saint-Nicolas offers a refined and innovative cuisine. Our new Chef, Vincent VALLEE, proposes a cuisine based solely on fresh and preferably local products. 
Each day, the Chef suggests a dishes adapted to vegetarian people or those with a strict or confessional diet. 

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Reservation: +33 (0)4 50 21 04 94 or

Menu Découverte 
 - 33€ - 

Warm potatoes salad with slide of homemade smoked trout.
Perfect egg, with a sauce " mondeuse façon meurette ».

Savoie trout fillet, young spinach and crispy beaufort polenta with white butter sauce.
Farm chicken supreme, homemade gnocchi potatoes and dreid carrots with chicken sauce.

Chef personal version of “the French dessert Mont-Blanc”.
Paris Brest Megève version.

La Carte 


Soup of the day - 8€
The Magland’s Snails and its parsley butter (6 pieces) - 8€
Winter salad, crunchy vegetable chips - 10€ 
Fried Foie Gras of Duck, Jerusalem Artichokes in many ways, praline of Cèpes mushroom - 15€ 
Leeks with vinaigrette dressing and fish rillettes, a souvenir of my childhood… - 9€ 


Roasted lobster, seaweed butter and seasonal vegetables fricassee - 55€ 
Roasted cod fish filet and its mashed potatoes, creamy sauce “marinière” - 24€ 
Petit épeautre” risotto with Paris brown mushroom  - 19€ 
Roasted Haunch of tender Veal, pumpkin in different shape and its veal juice - 28€ 
Aged piece of Beef Sirloin, new potatoes - 32€ 


Plate of Local Cheese  - 15€ 
Homemade sorbet - 8€
Clementine Swing - 10€ 
Pineapple carpaccio and its sorbet, mango marmalade - 9€
Chocolate dessert  - 12€ 


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